Seven Gauge
Human Uniform
Seven Gauge literally represents a specific gauge in technical knitwear jargon. It indicates a garment of intermediate weight, not too thin nor too bulky, something we are all familiar with, equidistant between the excesses of luxury and industrial flattening.
This is Seven Gauge's philosophy. The focus is to rewrite the everyday contents of the male wardrobe in a quiet but systematic way; reducing their mass, enriching, modernising and allowing them to be easily transferred to women too.
The foundations of the project are twofold; quality knitwear and classic formal suiting merge, even if they historically belong to divergent worlds.
The knitwear element is soft, physical, sensual, either in vibrant or neutral colours while jackets and coats are unburdened, lightweight and made malleable.
It is a world without gender, interchangeable, in continuous movement and consistently linked to contemporaneity.
Everything is created and designed in Italy with skilled craftsmanship and quality materials, but with the constant desire to reach an accessible price point.
The project was born from an idea by Federico Manservisi, design director of Seven Gauge, who has extensive experience as a brand director for international brands, Valeria Caffagni, marketing director of Seven Gauge, who boasts a series of long-term international collaborations in the entry-to-luxury sector and Gianmario Montebugnoli, operations manager of Seven Gauge and a long-time product manager for knitwear brands.

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